Saturday, September 27, 2008


Homecoming was last night and it was very fun! We took Alyssa Tippens and Brittany Potter to the game! I normally sneak in but Mrs. Estas was in her car blocking where I normally sneak in! Last year I NEVER had to pay for a game! Lol but I was so jealous when I found out my brother snuck in and did not get caught! He went into the school and Mrs. Estas found him and she said "Alex what are you doing here?" He said "Oh just gettin' some books but I have to get back to the game now." He hadn't even gone to the game yet! I wish I woulda gone with him! Lol but anyway I had to pay five bucks and all that jazz but I finally got in! Right in front of me in the line to get your tickety thing.......was one of Alex's AH-DORABLE friends! He didn't even acknowlegde me...we made eye contact but he said nothing! LOSER! Anyway....I walked around with Alyssa, Carlee, Mara, Audie, Hayley, Allison, and Trevor the whole night! Trevor's crazy but he's awesome! Anyway.......Umm yeah than after the game was over I went home and than went back up to W.H.S. to pick up Alex from the dance. He said that he danced with his hott friend's girlfriend (to a slow song) BLAHHHH! I AM NOT GOING TO GO TO ANY DANCES WHEN I AM IN HIGH SCHOOL! I DON'T EVEN ENJOY FUN-NIGHTS! Well good-bye