Saturday, September 27, 2008

A day with my BFF!

Today I woke up around 9:47-ish and than had a cinnamon role! After that I got onto the computer and checked my myspace.....and my Sugarloot.....and My MyYearbook thingy! Lol! After that My cell-phone stopped being gay and I called Alyssa! We went up to SAU! We got onto the computers! Than after that we went to MacDonalds to eat! YUMMY! We called Daniel but he couldn't talk! (TEARS TEARS) I swear one of the workers was GAY! I'm not even kidding! I honestly think he likes men! Lol i'm sorry that was mean but it's true! After that we biked over to that one building across from MacDonalds (behind it) There was an EsCaLaDe there in the parking lot so I took a picture of it! We went over to Warner and took some pictures! Than we went back to her house and had pizza and took pictures and got on the computer and took pictures and jumped on the trampoline and took pictures! We called Daniel again but he couldn't talk AGAIN! (tears tears) Than I had to go home! Now i'm talking to Daniel on the phone! Ha Ha Ha! bye