Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Friday, I went up to Hillsdale College with my friend Jillian, and her older sister Lauren. Lauren is living in this INSANELY huge house! It's an all brick house and it is three stories high! The drive there was Jillian, Evan (her older brother) and Mrs. Heilborn were all jammin' out to Stormtroopin' by Ted Nugent! Once we got there, we met up with Lauren and went out to dinner. After that we went to this youth group type thing called Wild Life! It was very fun! After that was over Josiah, (the youth group leader) Jillian, Lauren and I went to Wal-Mart! You have got to love Wal-Mart! We rode around on the shoping carts and had races, we took a lot of pictures, and my fav. part.....we played leap frog in the middle of the store! It was so much fun! When we got home, we watched Picture This, and Grease! It was fun! We ate ice cream and made cookies and had pop corn! We all fell asleep at 3:00 A.M. ......we pretty much texted Greg until we fell asleep! That was VERY fun! We woke up early to make a VERY BIG breakfast! Than off we went to a swim meet! Let me tell ya.....if you have not gone to a swim meet...........DO IT! It;s awesome! There are so many hott guys there! WOOT! After the swim meet was over, we went back to Lauren's house and packed up and drove home! It was awesome! Bye