Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, Well yeah Alex went to states for tennis and all that jazz!!!! WA-HOO! But they lost. BOO-HOO! Anyway...WOW I did not know that tennis was so........violent! Well after Alex and Darren were finished everyone walked over to watch Michael! WOW....he was playing this one guy who had on bright red shorts so I called him red shorts. He had swearing issues and spitting issues and screaming issues and yeah. He ended up losing so he was pretty angry about that! He cried.......and there is nothing wrong with that because he was SOOOO ADORABLE when he did it! But first he screamed and than swore and threw his racket on to the other side of the court and shoved everything into his bag and took off! I TAPED IT!!!!!Than later there were these country day people...and one of them looked just like the REAL Tony Oller and wow did he get angry! He screamed at his coach saying " This sport is only for rich kids......I hate this sport!" He was soooo cute! WOW! I took ALOT of pictures! Bye


Mara said...

Haha O Hannah!! I luv ure comment haha! But honestley u can have Sam ewww!!!